Emergency Assistance

Looking for assistance?

Call 9552 4164 to make an appointment with a community worker.
GAPP is open Monday and Wednesday; 10am-1pm.

*Please note GAPP is closed from 20 Dec 2017 and reopens on 29 Jan 2018
(Mon 18th is our last day for appointments)

Staples Bag
Last day is Mon 18th Dec, they will return Mon 8th Jan

For urgent food assistance while we are away, please call:
St Vincent’s De Paul Redfern 9690 5600
Closed Fri 22nd Dec 12pm - Open Tue 2nd Jan

Anglicare Summer Hill 9798 1400
Closed Fri 22nd Dec - Open 2nd Jan

And here is a helpful website for locating services offering assistance in your area:


Glebe Assistance Partnership Program

GAPP is a beautiful green space where people are welcome to come and share a cup of coffee.

From this space, we operate our Emergency Assistance program. We are able to offer a small amount of financial assistance to those facing hardship in our local community. This usually includes help with food or some bills.

GAPP also includes:

The No Interest Loan Scheme
The Staples Bag
An Anglicare Family Worker
Sponsorship for Work and Development Orders
An Indigenous Community Worker



Things We Do At GAPP


GAPP Gatherings

Some Wednesdays GAPP puts on a BBQ lunch. Come and enjoy the company of other local residents over lunch. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to know when our next BBQ is coming up.


No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS)

Glebe area Residents

We interview applicants for the No Interest Loans Scheme. These loans are up to $1500 for essential household items and some essential services.

Applicants must have permanent accommodation in Glebe or its surrounding suburbs. Applicants must have all required documents before an interview can be scheduled.

NILS interviews are conducted every Wednesday morning during GAPP.

If you are not in the Glebe area, please contact the NILS Hotline on 1800 509 994.


Find out more

9552 4164 or


Staples Bag

The Staples Bag provides food staples at very low cost. Choose a $20 or $30 bag and fill it with milk, bread, pantry items, vegetables and meat, poultry or fish.

The Staples Bag visits GAPP every Monday from 10:30-11:30AM.


Find out more

The Staples Bag Website


Anglicare Family Worker

An Anglicare Family Worker is present at GAPP on Mondays. This service is available to families with children aged 0-8 residing in the local area. This worker may offer parenting courses, groups, home visits and a range of individual support.


Find out more

9552 4164 or


Work and Development Orders

Work and Development Orders (WDO) allow eligible customers to reduce their fines with the SDRO through unpaid work. GAPP can sponsor people who are undertaking an activity or treatment for a WDO.

Find out more about Eligibility & Accepted Activities. 


Enquire about sponsorship

9552 4164 or