As Christians, we believe we are the recipients of incredible, undeserved generosity from God.

He hasn't treated us as our sins deserve - but has poured out his mercy and kindness to us - and continues to do so every day! One of the ways we respond to God's generosity is to give our money cheerfully and sacrificially to honour God, and make him known.

There are two ways you can support St John’s and its ministries. You can donate to the church or the benevolent fund described below.


to church

Your donation allows us to serve the community in the work that we believe Christ calls us to do. We strive to share the gospel, connect people and create a space there the community can connect and love each other. A donation to the church also allows us to maintain our building.

Transfer Info

You can either direct your bank to transfer money at regular intervals to the church’s account:

St John’s Glebe
BSB: 062 172  Account Number: 00900389


Cash / Cheque

Or place cash or a cheque (To St John’s Glebe) in the offertory bags passed around in the service.

DonatE to the
Benevolent Fund

We have opened the St John’s Anglican Church Benevolent Fund for the alleviation of poverty through the ministry of GAPP.  Gifts made to this fund, over $2 are tax deductible.

If you would like to contribute, simply make out a cheque to the fund and place it with your offertory and a receipt will be issued.

For Direct Deposits the account details are:
St John's Anglican Benevolent Society
BSB: 062 172  Account Number: 1042 4853

*please email
to let us know where you would like your receipt sent.

Alternatively, you can give online via the link below:

Give Online to the Benevolent Fund